Branding yourself (and it doesn’t hurt)

Calling all Captains, Yacht Brokers and anyone else that needs to tell the world, or clients, who you are. Normally in this Blog, ,  I would not go off subject of “How to…” Boating but I have talked to enough professionals, network marketers, sales people, entertainers and anyone else that deals with the public to know that What I have found here is as important to you as it is to me. Why do you think that I have this Blog!!??

So, you are listed and working with a firm. It may be as an Independent, a Yacht Brokerage, Dealer, Distributer, Manufacturer, Retailer or any other business in which you are working with current and hopefully future clients.  But the question becomes, as the band The Who once said, “Who are you, Who who… Who who”. No really, who are you?

 When you approach or introduce yourself to a potential new client, that are asking that question. “I’m a Yacht Broker at Big Yacht Sales”. So???? How many Yacht Brokers or Captains are there out there? When you apply for a job and you hand them your resume, what does that tell them? About as much as the other 10 people have said in their Resumes!
How do you stand out in your industry? How do you make yourself ‘Special’ and show that you are an ‘Expert’ in your field?
There is only one answer.
You Brand Yourself!
But how??
I know you haven’t the time to learn how to do it all yourself and you don’t want to put out Thousands of dollars to have your online Branding created for you. You haven’t got time to be posted on LinkedIn or Tweet. You just want to take advantage of the Social Media to get you out there but not take all that time to do it.
The answer is much simpler than you would expect.
I’ve been introduced to a system that helps you brand yourself, gives you identity, gives you the opportunity to show your expertise and allows you to Stand Out above the rest.
I’m not going to spend time here to explain it to you. Learn for yourself by going to Contact me and then you can see what branding does for you.

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